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Albert Einstein praised him in the 1931 foreword to an edition of Newton's Opticks. Other admirers include physicist Lord Rayleigh and Nobel laureate Philip Anderson
Date 1931
In 1830, Carl Friedrich Gauss, the German mathematician, unified the work of these two scientists to derive the Young–Laplace equation, the formula that describes the capillary pressure difference sustained across the interface between two static fluids.
Date 1830
Date 10 May 1829
He was chosen one of the eight foreign associates of the French Academy of Sciences.
Date 1827
He became secretary to the Board of Longitude and superintendent of the HM Nautical Almanac Office.
Date 1818
He was secretary of a commission charged with ascertaining the precise length of the second's or seconds pendulum (the length of a pendulum whose period is exactly 2 seconds).
Date 1816
He served on a committee appointed to consider the dangers involved in the general introduction of gas into London.
Date 1814
Young became physician to St. George's Hospital.
Date 1811
His lectures were published in the Course of Lectures on Natural Philosophy and contain a number of anticipations of later theories.
Date 1807

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A timeline of the life of Thomas Young, a British polymath and scientist.
Created by Freemunden on Oct 25, 2012
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A timeline of the life of Thomas Young, a British polymath and scientist.
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